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AAA blockchain horror FPS powered by Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5

Graphics beyond anything you’ve seen before in blockchain gaming

With real-time ray-tracing illuminating a picturesque dystopian world, get ready to immerse yourself in the greatest multiplayer horror FPS title to hit the blockchain.


In the year 2078, the military launched the “Prajna Gate” program, after they discovered a ‘superstring’ portal that led to another dimension in outer space. Wanting to uncover its secrets, 30 astronauts were chosen to go through the portal and explore the mysteries that lay on the other side. But tragedy struck. Of the astronauts who ventured through, only one returned alive.

Worse still, he didn’t come back unscathed, carrying a mysterious infection that no doctor could diagnose. The cross-dimensional virus he brought back quickly spread, infecting almost all living organisms on planet earth. Nothing was safe, the worlds fauna transformed into mutant monsters, while the ecological environment of the whole earth slowly deteriorated. The damage the virus caused the world was beyond human cognition, it was as if reality was beginning to collapse.

 After ten years of disaster and destruction, remaining survivors managed to reach some level of safety and protection, setting up a geosynchronous orbit around a city. But humanity couldn’t be contained to one city forever, and so the military  launched the ‘Moses Plan’, collecting the five most elite soldiers and forming ‘The Vulture Team’. The purpose of this team is to find ‘patient zero’ of the virus and help find a cure.

Over the past decade, the earths environment has gone through major changes, and any previous attempts to study it have failed. Humanity knows very little of what the world has become and what awaits the ‘Vulture Team’ is worse than they ever could have imagine.



Vulture Team Leader

Gender: Male

Age: 32


The former chief instructor of the national special training brigade, Luis won second place in the global special training competition. He is now the leader of the vulture team and has led the squad on numerous missions in the past nine years. He is famed for leading one of the few teams without any casualties.

Background Story

Luis's talents do not lie in his personal fighting ability, but in his tactical vision and rational judgment. Before the "Prajna gate" plan, Luis knew the existence of the star ring city and that he was already on a secret list of guests. So when informed, Luis was one of the first people to arrive.


Prajna Gate will begin as a multiplayer/singleplayer player versus environment (PVE) game and will shortly expand to player versus player (PVP).


The core gameplay loop of Prajna Gate revolves around fighting mutant monsters in a semi-open world, as players try to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious virus that has besmirched the earth.

In a team of up to 4, players will take on a sequence of levels as they complete campaigns, rich with plot animations and interactive game content.


In PVP games, players get certain token rewards by killing their opponents.

There are two game modes:

PVP death arena and PVP team fight.

& Vehicles

Prajna gate has a variety of weapons of which some could be acquired as NFTs through supply boxes or as game drops from campaigns.

Some specific protagonists in the game will have access to unique weapons



a wide variety of items in Prajna Gate will be minted on the blockchain, including – Weapons, Weapon Skins, Agents, Agent Skins, Supplies, tanks, and so much more. The rarest and most desirable items will be obtainable through supply boxes that will be minted later this year.

These items inherit the true digital ownership properties the blockchain provides and can be bought, sold or traded between players.


Prajna Gate’s ‘play to earn’ model is broken down into two: A free-to-play mode for general players and an NFT mode for NFT holders. While the gameplay will be similar between the two, players in NFT mode will be eligible to withdraw the tokens earned via gameplay. 

These tokens can be earned in many ways via P2E campaigns or PVP, and will have a significant amount of utility! These tokens will be essential for upgrading/repairing weapons and purchasing accessories or other items.

Supply Box

supply boxes can be bought and traded as NFTs and are the primary means for obtaining rare items.

Like many other games, players will not know the rarity of their item before opening the supply boxes. Therefore through a surprise mechanic, players could receive an exceptionally rare drop, where the higher the rarity of an item, the lower the probability of it dropping from a box.


NFT Avatars will provide players with unique skins of their favourite characters to use in-game. These avatars will also act as the key to access the pre-release version of Prajna Gate. They will also be introporable in the metaverse and have various additional features/benefits.


Q1 2022
  • [DONE] Prajna Gate later stages of development, undergoing closed technical testing
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
  • [DONE] Prajna Gate multiplayer connectivity technical testing
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
  • NFT Mint and IDO
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
  • PC play-and-earn version launch.
Q4 2022
Q1 2023
  • Prajna Gate launches on a VR, Console, Mobile.
Q1 2023
Q2 2023
  • Metaverse release.
Q2 2023



As CEO of Kungfu Dama studio, Lucas has more than 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, especially in game development and project development. He has published 10+ titles throughout his career, generating over $100 million in revenue.


Jeff is the co-founder and vice-chairman of Kungfu Dama. He has 11 years of experience in project management of diverse game genres. His previous title, “Wrath of War 3” generated tens of millions of dollars of investment and won the most anticipated game award of the year.


Peter is the executive director and co-founder of Kungfu Dama. He has 11 years of experience in project management. He was once a startup coach, incubating tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and providing training services for corporations.

art director

Nat is the art director of Kungfu Dama. He has 11 years of experience in the gaming industry and is an expert in game development, gameplay architecture, and graphics design.

lead 3D artist

Leon is the lead 3D artist of Kungfu Dama with five years of experience in the gaming industry. He has a strong interest and talent in 3D art and design.

game architect

Jock is a game architect specializing in interface design and in-game design. With more than 10 years of industry experience, he has proven experience in blockchain and metaverse building. He is an enthusiast of blockchain gaming and gameplay design.

project director

Perry is the project director of Kungfu Dama with four years of experience. He has profound knowledge of UE4/5 with proven experience in UI, animation, and gameplay design.

system developer

Sam specializes in game, server, and backend system development. He entered the gaming industry 2 years ago and won the first prize in the “simulation virtual robot competition platform” with independent projects nationwide.


Viv is the programmer and engineer of Kungfu Dama. He has 2 years of experience in 3D game design and is responsible for in-game animation, UI interface design, and development.


Sammy is currently working as a programmer for Kungfu Dama. He formerly worked as the UE4 3D development engineer for a well-known game studio, with 2 years of industry experience. He is proficient in UE4, Android Studio, PS / PR / AE and other engineering tools.

backend developer

Troy has 2 years of industry experience and works as the backend developer of Kungfu Dama. He previously worked as a Java developer for a cloud platform with a strong focus on AI, Fintech, and retail software products.


Ares has 2 years of experience in overseas game development. He is currently working as a program engineer for Kungfu Dama.


With 8 years of managing roles in the gaming industry, including BD and publishing, Winter has successful experience working as GM and founder of a listed company’s cloud gaming platform. He is an enthusiastic FPS gamer who has played plenty of franchises for 20 years.

Co-Project Lead

Professional with an extensive background of 4+ years in e-commerce and product management. Cybro is mostly an Anime lover ,hardcore gamer and a degen who has more than 9 months experience as an advisor and community lead in the nft space .

Co-Project Lead

Harrison holds multiple years of experience in operations, fundraising for startups and blockchain investment advisory. Most importantly, he is a huge FPS gamer and in-game asset trader.

Game Economy Lead

Jun comes from an investment banking background, working for Houlihan Lokey for half a decade. Jun is extremely passionate about the future of the blockchain gaming industry and is also the game development lead at SolChicks.

Community Lead

Locke has over 6 years of experience in community management, user experience and marketing in the IT industry. He has been a crypto enthusiast since 2016 with 2 years of experience in crypto community building and management.

Co-Marketing Lead

Jake is an Ex-Management Consultant with proven strategic and operational skills. He’s also a passionate crypto enthusiast with a focus in blockchain gaming and DeFi.


Gloria is an experienced macro researcher and ex-investment analyst in the PE industry. She comes with a background in business administration with proven project management skills.


Wi is an ex-investment banker specializing in mergers and acquisitions. He spent the last couple of years as a venture capitalist, focusing on technology investments. Wi is an avid investor, gaming fan and crypto enthusiast. He is highly passionate about introducing the blockchain to the world.

Content Lead

With 5 years experience as the head of IT solutions and media production agency in Seoul, Don is currently the web advisor at Catheon Gaming. He studied Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology, specializing in algorithms and Human Computer Interaction.

Game Economy Strategist

Coming from wealth management consulting and data analyst background, and as a game review lead and strategist in Catheon Gaming, Martin has helped different titles with their in-game ecosystem and game mechanic design.

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